Transferring A Drawing To Canvas

Graph paper

Graph Paper

At this stage you should know what you are going to paint and have your reference photos, pictures or sketches ready to go.

Here are some different methods of transferring a drawing to canvas:

1. Lightly sketch the basic main parts onto your canvas, either free-hand or by tracing the images onto the canvas.

2. Enlarge a photo you have taken yourself using a photo-copier, then trace the image onto your painting surface.

3. Use a grid system to enlarge or reduce the size of your subject. You can draw up a grid onto a large piece of paper and then trace the subject onto it buy using the lines of the grid.

For example, if you have a 10cm x 15cm picture that you want to transfer onto a 25cm x 35cm canvas. Take a photocopy of the picture then draw a 1cm x 1cm grid onto the picture. You would end up with 10 x 1cm squares across and 15 x 1cm squares down. Now you have to transfer those dimensions over to fit the 25cm x 35cm canvas.

Draw a grid onto a large sheet of paper a little bigger that 25cm x 35cm. This time you need to have 10 x 2.5cm across = 25cm and 15 x 2.34cm = 35cm.  Next, trace the image onto the grid using the grid as a guide. Lastly, I retrace the new drawing onto a clear sheet of paper without the grid lines.

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